Singapore Powers of Attorney

Many Singaporean clients use a Power of Attorney to appoint someone in Singapore to deal with their HDB Flat on their behalf, and by doing so avoid the unnecessary expense of travelling to Singapore to deal with their HDB Flat themselves. I am often asked to certify these POA statements.

This is such a common practice in Singapore that the Housing and Development Board have precedent templates for the Power of Attorney that can be used to appoint an attorney in Singapore. All that needs to be considered is having your signature witnessed and notarised by a Notary likely myself, in order for it to be legally valid and acceptable in Singapore.

If a Power of Attorney needs to be signed and sent to Singapore, a passport or identity card must be produced so that the information contained within the Power of Attorney can be verified. The Power of Attorney can then be notarised to ensure that execution is legally valid and will be accepted in Singapore. If there are additional questions that need to be answered, these should be addressed with your solicitor back in Singapore before making an appointment with me.

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