Notary Public Melbourne Fees

Updated: December 2023

Thank you for considering the notarial services of the

It is important to note:

  • Our notarization fees are determined by the appointment length.
  • We provide estimates only, not quotes.

Fees are based on the time it actually takes for the Notarial Signature, Stamp and Official
Seal (“the notarisation”) to be applied to the relevant document/s. This is usually cheaper
than per document fee structures. In some instances, a “Notarial Certificate” needs to be prepared outlining all the relevant details of the notarisation – this usually takes about 15 minutes.

Notary Appointment LengthApproximate SignaturesFeeFee
(Credit Card)
1 – 5 MinutesApprox 1 to 3 signatures on document/s$99$102
6 – 10 MinutesApprox 4 to 6 signatures on document/s$132$135
11 – 15 MinutesApprox 7 to 10 signatures on document/s (or 1 Notarial Certificate)$176$180
16 – 20 MinutesApprox 11 to 14 signatures on document/s$220$225
21 – 25 MinutesApprox 15 to 18 signatures on document/s (or 2 Notarial Certificates)$275$281
26 – 30 MinutesApprox 19 to 21 signatures on document/s (or 3 Notarial Certificates)$330$337
Offsite Notarial Services per hour$550$561
Legal Services per hour$660$674
Updated Dec 17 2023
Note that the above figures are estimates only.  The actual fee will be based on the real amount of time taken to notarise the documents presented.

Appointments for the notarisation of documents at either the Level 13, 200 Queen Street Melbourne CBD Office or 10 Frank Street, Box Hill South can be instantly booked online. If your documents can be posted to us without the need for an in person appointment, there is an added organisation fee of $110 that applies.

NOTE: Fees for both individuals and companies are payable immediately after the appointment or, if further services are to be provided, upon collection of the notarised document/s. This office does not enter into “onboarding arrangements” with companies in
order for our Tax Invoices to be payable later as a registered supplier.


Some documents require Apostille or Authentication Stamps from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). 

Apostille DFAT Fee: $92
Authentication DFAT Fee: $92


If you require our office to arrange DFAT stamping for you, our administration services fee is $165.

If you are overseas and require us to notarise and arrange DFAT stamping, there is an additional administration fee of $110. If you are overseas, email john at notarypublicmelbourne dot com.

Notary Public Fee FAQ

Are your fees lower than other Notaries?

You will no doubt find that our fees are most competitive. Moreover, we are available to notarise documents 7 days a week in two convenient locations in Melbourne, namely, the Central Business District and the Eastern Suburbs (Box Hill South). Our objective is to offer our clients value for money by providing outstanding service and using our extensive experience.

The Society of Notaries of Victoria provides a benchmark scale – you might like to compare these fees with John’s fees listed above.

Note that there is no extra cost for the provision of Notarial Services After Hours and on Weekends.

Why are the fees of other Notaries higher?

Our notarial practice is able to remain very competitive on price due to economies of scale. This means that we are able to keep our notarial services cost-effective as we have a very large client-base that regularly requires documents to be notarised. We pride ourselves on providing a value for money notarial service that allows us to quickly and efficiently notarise documents and have documentation authenticated for overseas use.

Do you charge an hourly rate or a fixed price for Notarial Services?

We endeavour to provide you with a fixed-price estimate prior to the provision of notarial services. A final estimate can only be issued once we have a full understanding of the services required, and after inspection of the documents to be notarised. The reason for this is that we need to ascertain the document’s intended use and whether it needs an Apostille or Authentication Stamp from the Department of Foreign Trade and Affairs (DFAT) before it can be used overseas. If you can outline what is specifically required, we are usually able to provide you with an immediate estimate.

Do you offer discounts to clients?

From time to time, we offer our valued clients specials and discounts in appreciation for their continued support.

How can I receive an estimate of the cost of the Notarial Services?

For an obligation-free estimate, simply contact us on business hours on 03 8648 6541.

A final estimate will be issued after a physical inspection of the documents and when we have a complete understanding of the services you require from our firm. Our objective is to provide an easy to understand, transparent estimate that allows you to clearly see the costs that you are likely to incur when using our notarial services. Once you have agreed to our estimate, we will be happy to proceed with providing you with the requested services.

Our firm will be able to provide with an estimate straight away if you can:

  • Clearly identify the type of document/s you would like notarised
  • Describe the intended purpose of the document/s to be notarised
  • Confirm the destination country of the document/s
  • State whether you have been advised that the document/s needs an Apostille or an Authentication certificate from DFAT

Please be aware that our Notarial fees may change in accordance with your specific requirements.

How much does the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) charge?

DFAT charges fees for the issuing of Apostilles and Authentication Stamps. The cost is dependent on the number of documents and whether these documents are bound. Currently DFAT charges $92 for one Apostille Stamp and $92 for an Authentication Stamp.

Do you charge for travelling to a client’s office?

Our firm charges clients a travelling fee consisting of the time taken to and from the place where the notarial services are provided. This fee is in addition to the fee for notarial services but is at a lower hourly rate.

Are there any other costs that I may incur?

We supply our clients with fixed-fee estimates. These estimates will outline our fee for notarial services plus any other additional costs. These costs may include but are not limited to:

  • Filing fees (applications to DFAT for Apostilles and Authentications)
  • Postage (for lodgement with DFAT and/or consulates)
  • Out of pocket expenses

You can either have our firm send your documents overseas, or you may prefer to arrange your own courier to reduce additional costs associated with using our notarial and administration services.

Which payment methods do you accept?

The accepted payment methods are cash, cheques and EFTPOS.

Do you have credit terms?

Our firm does not extend credit terms to clients. On request or completion of notarial services, payment is due and payable.

When can I expect to receive a Tax invoice or Receipt?

Our Administration Team will issue you with a Tax Invoice/Receipt after your appointment. Please advise our team at the time of payment if you require your Tax Invoice/Receipt to be issued to a third party.

UPDATED: Dec 17 2023