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Apostille Services 
If you require an Apostille or Authentication Stamp quickly please call 03 8648 6541 or book online.

What are Apostille and Authentication Stamps?

  • Apostille and Authentication Certificates are issued by The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).
  • These stamps are often needed on documents to be used overseas such as power of attorney, birth certificates, banking, company or academic statements.
  • Documents usually need to be notarised first by an Australian Notary Public (Step 1) before presentation to DFAT (Step 2). Some original government documents are excluded from needing Step 1.

How to Obtain an Apostille or Authentication Stamp

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) generally issues Apostille and Authentication Stamps on documents after notarisation by a Notary Public. Some original government documents are excluded from needing Step 1.


  • The first step is to have the document notarised by a Notary Public. Appointments with Notary Public John Pearce can be made online, by calling 03 8648 6541. Original Federal or State Government documents don’t need Step 1.


  • The second step is to have the document presented to DFAT.
  • Please see Option A and Option B listed below for your preferred method.

OPTION A: By booking a DFAT appointment online

  • Go to the Smart Traveller Website
  • Please Note: usually your appointment will be a few weeks’ wait from the date of booking, so Option B (below) might be more suitable.

OPTION B: By Express Post

  • After notarisation, the document can be posted to DFAT with an enclosed Express Post envelope to secure the Apostille / Authentication.
  • The Government fee for each required Apostille / Authentication Stamp is $87 (Jan 2022)
  • You will need to enclose this linked form and post the document to this address:

Australian Passport Office
Authentications Unit
Level 2, 747 Collins Street

OPTION C: By The Office of John Pearce Notary Public 

  • John has the ability to secure the Apostille (or Authentication Stamp) 
  • This add-on service is $165 in addition to DFAT & notarisation fees.
  • Please inform us at the appointment or before if you require this add on service. 
  • Morning lodgement with our office is preferred 


The third step is to have the document presented to the relevant Consulate or Embassy in cases where a DFAT Authentication stamp was applied (rather than an Apostille).


Please click here to make a booking at the City or Box Hill Office. Alternatively call 03 8648 6541 during business hours.

Please Note: Most documents require notarisation by a Notary Public before they can obtain an Apostille or Authentication. Some countries require an Apostille, others require an Authentication. This depends on country Hague Apostille convention membership. John can advise at the appointment.


Updated: January 2022