How to Book a Notarisation

Fees are based on the time it actually takes for the Notarial Signature, Stamp and Official Seal (“the notarisation”) to be applied to the relevant document/s. This is usually cheaper than per document fee structures.

In some instances, a “Notarial Certificate” needs to be prepared outlining all the relevant details of the notarisation – this usually takes about 15 minutes.

Fees (inclusive of GST) are based on the amount of time it takes for the official Notarial Seal and Signature to be applied to your document(s):

Notary Appointment LengthApproximate SignaturesFeeFee
(Credit Card)
1 – 5 MinutesApprox 1 to 3 signatures on document/s$99$102
6 – 10 MinutesApprox 4 to 6 signatures on document/s$132$135
11 – 15 MinutesApprox 7 to 10 signatures on document/s (or 1 Notarial Certificate)$176$180
16 – 20 MinutesApprox 11 to 14 signatures on document/s$220$225
21 – 25 MinutesApprox 15 to 18 signatures on document/s (or 2 Notarial Certificates)$275$281
26 – 30 MinutesApprox 19 to 21 signatures on document/s (or 3 Notarial Certificates)$330$337
Offsite Notarial Services per hour$550$561
Legal Services per hour$660$674
Admin Services per 10 mins$33$34
Updated Dec 17 2023

Please Note: This Office provides a fee estimate based on the information you provide, we reserve the right to charge according to the above fees for the time it actually takes to notarise your document(s). You may also call 03 8648 6541 during regular business hours to make a booking. 

Melbourne CBD Office

Level 13, 200 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000
Extended Business Hours & Sundays.

Box Hill South Office

10 Frank Street, Box Hill South 3128
After Hours & Weekends
(ring bell at right hand side steps and proceed to rear of property)

NOTE: Fees for both individuals and companies are payable immediately after the appointment or, if further services are to be provided, upon collection of the notarised document/s. This office does not enter into “onboarding arrangements” with companies in order for our Tax Invoices to be payable later as a registered supplier.