I Need a Will, Can You Help Me?

Yes I absolutely can.

Leaving a Will after you die helps to ensure that your family will be provided for in accordance with your wishes. A Will not only divides your financial assets and wealth among family members but can include requests that cover:

  • Guardianship of children
  • Provision for children from a previous relationship or with special needs
  • Assets that are not part of your estate, for example family trusts
    Distributing charitable bequests
  • Excluding immediate family members.

It is important when designing your Will that it takes into account your personal and financial circumstances including non-Estate assets such as superannuation death benefits. When creating a Will you will need to:

  • Appoint an Executor
  • Decide who will receive your assets after your death
  • Choose how and when your assets will be distributed to beneficiaries
  • In the event that you die without a Will, the Supreme Court of Victoria will appoint an Administrator. This process can take many months and there is no guarantee that your dependents will receive your assets.

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