Power of Attorney Template

Many clients are asked to have a Power of Attorney signed before a Notary Public in Melbourne and then forwarded to an overseas country so that somebody there can exercise powers on the client’s behalf.  Typical examples include the need to have someone sell property on your behalf overseas, the need for someone to act for you in an overseas divorce proceeding or deal with your financial affairs.

Sometimes the client has been given a Power of Attorney form and all they need to do is to sign it in front of a Notary Public in Melbourne. At other times, the client has not been provided with a Power of Attorney document and they require the Notary Public in Melbourne to prepare one.  If you are in a situation where you have not been provided with a Power of Attorney document for use overseas, the office of John Pearce Solicitor & Notary Public can prepare one for you. Such a document is called a Power of Attorney in Public Form.

Below is the format of a such a Power of Attorney statement.  If you wish to have John Pearce notarise the document for it to be acceptable overseas, you can make an instant booking online on the blue buttons below.  In order to reduce your costs you can print off the template below and hand write in print form the details required and bring your draft to our office for John to notarise in order to ensure the document is acceptable overseas.

Power of Attorney in Public Form TEMPLATE

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