Malaysian Sale & Purchase Agreements

Whether you are buying or selling property in Malaysia, you will need the help of a Notary Public when finalising the legal documentation.

For your documents to be legally recognised in Malaysia in accordance with the Kanun Tanah Negara (National Land Code), a Public Notary will need to notarise each document you receive from your Malaysian Solicitor in relation to the property sale or purchase.

These documents include the Sale and Purchase Agreement, Borang 14A Pindahmilik Tanah and Bahagian atau Pajakan.

Your solicitor may also forward to you a series of Statutory Declarations and legal documentation for signing, IN BLACK INK PEN, depending on the nature of the property transaction. The Statutory Declarations and documents may cover a range of topics.

All original documents and required copies that have been signed IN BLACK INK PEN must be notarised correctly and returned to your Solicitor in Malaysia in order for the property transaction to proceed – as in Australia, property transactions can not go ahead unless all documentation has been completed and is legally valid.

Our firm is well-experienced in helping Malaysians and other nationals finalise Malaysian property transactions quickly and promptly. We have helped many clients at short notice and are very familiar Malaysian legal documentation.

Malaysian Probate Documents

Public Notaries can help you manage Deceased Estates and apply for Probate in Malaysia. These important matters are dealt in the Malaysian High Court and any legal documents that are required must be notarised when signed outside of Malaysia. These documents include applications and affidavits.

For these legal proceedings to run smoothly, your Malaysian Solicitor will need to forward to you the required documentation for you to sign. In addition, your Solicitor should provide you with clear instructions as to which information and documents they need to obtain from you in order to lodge with the Court on your behalf.

Malaysian nationals will need to verify their personal identity when signing affidavits and/or applications for the administration of Estates or Probate. This means that Malaysians will need to bring their Malaysian passport or identity card with them when requesting documents to be notarised by a Notary Public in Australia.

Withdrawing a Malaysian EPF outside Malaysia

People who have worked in Malaysia as employees may have accumulated EPF (Employers Provident Fund) savings that they can access once they leave the country. For Malaysian nationals, withdrawing an EPF is relatively simple but can be much more difficult for former citizens and foreign workers that have left Malaysia.

To withdraw an EPF when located in Australia, you will require the services of Public Notary. A Notary can help you by notarising copies of documents that will need to submit with your application to obtain your EPF savings. These documents include passports and identity cards, renunciation of citizenship confirmation letters and official notification letters.