Notary Public Documents for Malaysia

When you make an appointment with myself or another notary public, to sign documents to be used in Malaysia, you will need to bring the following documentation in order for the appointment to be successful:

  • Proper identification with a photograph – We will need to identify your Malaysian Identity Card/MyKad, your passport, and your Australian identification such as a driver’s license. If your document refers to any specific identification or identification number, you will need to bring that document so that the details can be verified and assessed.
  • The actual documents that need to be signed/certified – if you are signing a document and it needs to be witnessed and notarised by a notary, you will need to bring the completed but unsigned documents. Please do not sign the documents until you are instructed to do so by myself or another notary. If you need a certified copy of an original document you must bring the original document.
  • Clear instructions – if you have been asked to have your documents notarised by a lawyer in Malaysia, make sure that lawyer provided you with clear instructions regarding which documents need to be signed and whether there are any processes or procedures that the notary public must follow when notarising those docs. For example, a sale and purchase agreement and associated documents must be signed with a black ink pen. A ballpoint pen or any other colour pen will not be acceptable. This guidance is often provided by  Malaysian solicitors, check with them before coming to see me if there are in fact, other processes or details that need to be followed.