Malay to English Translations

If you have documents written in Malay but you need to use them in Australia, it’s likely that you’ll need to have those documents translated into English by a NAATI accredited translator.  NAATI accredited translators provide professional and legally recognised translations from Malay into English for use in Australia.  Having your documents translated by another translator may not be acceptable which is why it’s so important to make sure the translator you use is NNATI accrdited.

A notary public like myself can arrange for translations of Malay to English for documents that include: academic transcripts, business contracts and other legal docs. There are notary publics who maintain a listof NAATI accredited translators on hand for a range of languages including Malay to English, and English to Malay.

If you would like to book an appointment in my Melbourne CBD Office or Box Hill South Office, please click the button below to go to my notary bookings page. The following page will outline fees associated with the appointment as well as booking information.