Do you wish for your divorce to be legally recognised back in India?

Under the Hindu Marriage Act, to be legally divorced in India certain documents need to be executed and witnessed in line with the requirements of this Act. Relevant documents include General Powers of Attorney and Affidavits.

If you are currently overseas and wish to have this process initiated, these documents will need to be witnessed (“notarised”) by a Notary Public. Then the notarised documents will be able to be used in the courts by your Indian Solicitors in order to fulfill the requirements of divorce proceedings in India.


Before coming to our Office, it is a good idea to chat with your India based Solicitors to find out their specific requirements as to the documents they require to be notarised. Quite often bonded paper or stamped paper are needed – if so, these will have to be supplied from India as bonded or stamped paper is not available in Melbourne.