Documents for China
(Notary & Authentication)

 April 2020
Phone: 03 8648 6541 (City & Box Hill Offices)

There are generally three (3) steps for documents intended for China.

  • Notarisation by a Notary Public
  • Authenticated by The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)
  • Authenticated by The Chinese Consulate in Melbourne

Step 1 –  Document notarisation (in person, in presence of Notary Public)

Appointments at the City and Eastern Suburb Offices are timed.

1 – 5 Minutes: $88
6 – 10 Minutes: $110
11 – 15 Minutes: $165
16 – 20 Minutes: $220

  • All individuals giving powers to someone overseas will need to be present and sign in front of John Pearce.
  • You will need to bring identification.

To book this first step, do so online instantly via this page.

Step 2 – Authentication Stamp/s via DFAT

  • DFAT charges $84 per Authentication stamp.

Option (A)  You can lodge yourself after the notarisation using this form:

DFAT Authentication & Apostille Submission Form (January 2020)

Option (B) You can have us lodge on your behalf. We charge an additional fee of $220 for this optional service plus the cost of the authentications.

Step 3 – Chinese Consulate

We cannot perform this step, you will need to lodge yourself or have a contact do so on your behalf.

More information can be found on the consulate’s website.

Queries or Booking Information

Please book Step 1 via the online booking system

Alternately please contact: 03 8648 6541 or john at notarypublicmelbourne dot com