Notarisations & The Middle East

The different States of The Middle East have different requirements as to what is needed when you travel there. These include such countries as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Libya. The requirements for each will usually be determined by what your intention is in the respective Middle Eastern nation.

If your intention is to work, then you will need to provide all the relevant documentation to apply for the relevant visa.  This will generally include the company Letter of Offer, certified copies of your Academic Record and Certificates, Passports, Professional Memberships, Organisational  documents and prescription medication.

A Word of Warning

Most of the Middle Eastern nations have very strict laws and regulations when it comes to prescription medication.  You will need to ensure that you comply with such requirements.  Many anxiety or depression medications are strongly regulated. If they are in fact allowed, you will, at a minimum, need a letter from your Australian Doctor notarised and then authenticated by DFAT (The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade)

How Can You Help?

We can provide Notarial Certificates for all the above mentioned documents.

We are well-versed in handling these types of notarisations.  However, you first need to understand the laws and regulations of the specific Middle Eastern nation where you are going to live, work, or visit.  This may mean you need to get in touch with the local consulate of that country before you make any  appointment with us.