USA Documents & The Need of an Apostille

If you have documents notarised and need to send them to the US without following the proper protocol you may need to re-do the notarisation but this time, with an apostille.

What is notarisation?

The act of notarisation is commonplace in the US. Notarisation or the role of a notary public in the US is similar to what a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner of Oaths is and what they would do in Australia. The act of notarising documents in Australia for use in the US generally means administering oaths or declarations, witnessing signatures or certifying copies of documents. Sometimes it’s sufficient to have a notary public simply notarise the document, however, if you are signing documents for property transactions or dealing with the Internal Revenue Service or any other federal governmental agency, you may need to have your notarised document stamped with an apostille.

What is an apostille?

An apostille is a stamp from the Australian Government confirming that the document has been properly notarised by a Supreme Court endorsed Notary Public. Countries that are member states to the Apostille Convention will recognize an apostille stamp issued by other member countries. In this context both Australia and the US are member countries of the Apostille Convention. This means an apostille issued in Australia will be recognized in the US and visa versa.

In Australia, The Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade or DFAT is responsible for issuing the apostille, which means if you are required to have your document stamped with an apostille it will also need to be submitted to DFAT for approval once it has been notarised.

How do you get an apostille?

A notary public like myself can have your document notarised and arranged for your document to be stamped with an apostille from DFAT.

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