Noting a Ship’s Protest

During every ship Captain’s career comes a time when there is a requirement that a “ship’s protest” be “noted”. A ship’s protest is a Statement or Protest written by the Captain that outlines an incident or misadventure that caused damage or loss to the vessel or its cargo while at sea. This includes accidents, bad weather damage, engine breakdowns, collisions with other vessels, wharves or sea animals, stranding and beaching.

A ship’s protest is usually filed as a security measure. Its objective is to help the Captain and officers and crew substantiate that they have not been negligent when aboard the ship and their conduct has not contributed to the incident reported in the protest.

For a ship’s protest to be valid, it must be “noted” or notarised by a Notary Public as soon as the vessel arrives at port. This includes a port of refuge or distress. Our Notary Public can note a ship’s protest for any vessels that dock at the Port of Melbourne at short notice. Regardless of the day or time that a ship arrives in port, we can help its Captain. John is more than happy to see the Captain in his Melbourne Office, or to go on to the Captain’s ship to provide this service.

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Fees: My fees are based on the amount of time it takes for the official Notarial Seal and Signature to be applied to your document. My competitive fees can be found at the bottom of my fees page. Please see this link for more information.

Please note that if this Office provides a fee estimate based on the information you provide, we reserve the right to charge according to the above fees for the time it actually takes to notarise your document(s).

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What you need to bring: 100 points of ID as well as all documents needing to be notarised.

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