Authentication of Notarised Documents

I’m often asked to help clients in sending documents to the Philippines. These documents often relate to qualifications and educational records, personal correspondence and authorisations, or business documents and/or agreements.

There are common documents that may need to be notarised. These include:

• Company records, such as certificate of incorporation, certificate of registration or name changes, company searches or current company extracts.

• Power of attorney or authorisations to appoint someone to help with transactions in the Philippines on your behalf, or confirmation of appointments to specific roles or responsibilities.

• Contracts and agreements between parties in the Philippines and Australia.

• Qualification and education records such as, school certificates, university and college degrees, academic transcripts, or letters of admission or confirmation of enrollment or attendance.

• Personal documents, which may include copies of passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates or death certificates.

Any of these documents must follow a similar process, which involves notarization by a notary public, authentication through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), and authentication through the Philippines Consulate General. There are consular offices throughout Australia and you’ll need to find the one closest to you. You will also find a schedule of fees on the Philippines Consulate web site.

You may be told that you are only required to get notarisation and authentication by DFAT, and do not require authentication through the Philippines Consulate. This may be correct depending on the document’s intended use or the intended recipient, however, it’s good practice to check any advice that may be given by local agents or authorities even in the Philippines, that is contrary to the normal process of notarisation and authentication by DFAT and authentication by the Philippines Consulate.

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