South Korea & Australian Qualifications

After completing their tertiary studies in Australia, many Koreans return home for further study or employment. In order for these qualifications to be legally recognised within Korea, it is important that, before leaving Australia, Academic Transcripts and Testamurs/Certificates are notarised and then stamped with an Apostille by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

A Notary Public can notarise academic records and organise for the notarised records to be stamped with an Apostille.

It is possible for students to arrange for notarisation and an Apostille for their academic records once they have returned to Korea. Of course, this is more costly but it can be arranged by the Notary’s office. Our firm has helped many students, who have already returned to Korea, who need their academic transcripts and certificates notarised and then stamped with an Apostille.

Regardless, whether a student is still based in Australia or has already returned home to Korea, we can help them by notarising their educational qualifications and arranging an Apostille with DFAT on their behalf. Our firm is experienced in making sure that the academic documents of Koreans returning home after tertiary studies are legally recognised by educational institutions and future employers.