International Transactions

When expanding your business internationally, it is likely that you need the assistance of a Notary Public at some point in time.

You may need formal documents such as business/company registrations notarised.  These documents may well need to be also legalised by the affixation by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) of an Apostille or an Authentication certificate/stamp. In any case, a Notary Public can help you with all that is involved.

Notaries can even help you confirm your or your employees’ personal identity when dealing with businesses or governments overseas.

Notarial Acts are exclusive to Notaries Public and are legally recognised worldwide by governments and businesses. It is important to remember that a Justice of the Peace or a Commissioner of Oaths cannot perform Notarial Acts and that their services are only recognised within Australia.

To ensure that a document will be legally valid and/or acceptable in an overseas jurisdiction, you should contact your lawyer and/or agent in the host country to confirm the legal requirements as to what is acceptable according to the local law. This allows the Notary Public to help you ensure that everything is correct when preparing, signing and notarising a document in Australia for production overseas.