Property Sales in New Zealand (Authority)

If you are New Zealander living in Australia who has property dealings back in New Zealand, a Notary Public can help give your Solicitor authority to engage in electronic property transactions on your behalf.

You can give authority to your Solicitor by signing a Private Individual Authority and Instruction for an Electronic Transaction form. This form has been approved by the New Zealand Law Society and the Register-General of Land.

For the form to be legally valid in New Zealand, the form must be notarised by a Notary Public when signed in Australia. This involves the Notary certifying that they have:

  • Witnessed you sign the form
  • Sighted an original form of personal identification
  • Attached a copy of the sighted identification to the form
  • Matched your signature, name and photograph to that found on the personal identification document provided by you
  • Confirmed that you are of sound mind

In addition, the personal identification that you have provided to the Notary Public will need to be notarised and submitted with the form. Your personal identification will be notarised by a photocopy of the identification being stamped as a true and correct copy of the original document.

Our firm has seen an increase in the number of people from New Zealand seeking to give authority to their Solicitor when buying and selling property in their home country. We are experienced in notarising documents to complete property transactions in overseas countries including New Zealand. Our goal is to help clients avoid delays and complications when buying or selling international property.