Iranian Powers of Attorney

If you are looking to appoint a person to act on your behalf in Iran, the Iranian Embassy in Canberra can help you with a document appointing an agent who is known as a “Power of Attorney”.

The Embassy has created a set of templates and forms that helps you appoint another person as your “Power of Attorney” in Iran in order to assist you in issues concerning personal, financial, business and legal matters.

Using a form provided by the Embassy helps ensure that you correctly appoint another person to act on your behalf without complications and any legal issues arising.

To arrange to give a Power of Attorney, that is, to arrange appointing somebody as your agent, you simply need to request a standard or relevant Power of Attorney form from the Iranian Embassy. Once the form is completed, you can sign it in front of a Notary Public duly admitted to the Supreme Court of Victoria.

After the form has been notarised, usually you will need to return it to the Embassy. But check with the Embassy as to whether you are first required to send it to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to be stamped with an “Authentication stamp”.

It is important to note that a completed statutory Power of Attorney form in the Victorian form, obtained, say, from an Australian Solicitor or Australia Post, is unlikely to be valid in Iran. The statutory Powers of attorney are only intended for use in Victoria or in other Australian jurisdictions. For this reason, we suggest that you use the form prepared by the Embassy of Iran in Canberra.