Property Transactions & Fiji

Whether you are buying or selling property in Fiji, or administering a Deceased Estate there, a Notary Public can help you when signing documents in Australia for production in Fiji.

A Notary can notarise your documents to ensure that the documents will be legally valid and recognised in Fiji. Notarisation commonly included witnessing signatures after having performed identity checks, certifying that a copy of a document is a true and correct copy of the original, as well as certifying that a particular document is an authentic/original.

Notarisation is especially important if the documents are required to be lodged with the Fijian Government. These documents are usually prepared by a Solicitor in Fiji and forwarded to you by post or email.

In order to avoid delays and unnecessary costs, it important to receive clear instructions from your Fijian Solicitor on how your documents should be notarised in Australia.

Documents that you may receive from your Fijian Solicitor may include:

  • Contracts and/or agreements to finalise the selling or buying of property
  • Probate application forms
  • Estate renunciation forms
  • Statutory Declarations and Affidavits for legal proceedings
  • Power of Attorney documents
  • Fijian residency and citizenship application forms

When you are required to have a Notary Public notarise your documents for, say, property and Probate matters in Fiji, we can help you. Our firm offers cost-effective notarial services and is experienced in assisting clients with personal and business interests across the South Pacific.