Medication and Travel

A Word of Warning!

On a weekly basis I help people who are preparing for their trip overseas and who need notarisation, authentication and legalisation of a Doctor’s letter describing their prescription medication.

Some countries have been known to impose severe penalties for bringing into their jurisdiction undocumented prescription medication.

Planning your trip ahead of time and understanding a country’s laws allows you to ensure your travel plans go smoothly.  It is strongly recommend that no assumption be made regarding your Australian prescription medication and that you do proper investigation to ensure compliance with another country’s requirements.

A country such as Kuwait, as an example, requires the prescription document, and a letter from your doctor, to be notarised, then authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and trade (DFAT), and then stamped by the Kuwaiti Embassy in the Australian Capital Territory (Please check updated requirements by first contacting the respective Embassy/Consulate.  Do not rely on this article).

As you can see above, the process can become quite complicated.  I can help with this process, and make it much easier. Book an appointment below or call 8648 6541 to discuss your needs.

Fees: My fees are based on the amount of time it takes for the official Notarial Seal and Signature to be applied to your document. My competitive fees can be found at the bottom of my fees page. Please see this link for more information.

Please note that if this Office provides a fee estimate based on the information you provide, we reserve the right to charge according to the above fees for the time it actually takes to notarise your document(s).

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