Notary Public for Academic Records (Apostille & Authentication)

Last Updated: January 2020

  • If you intend to work abroad you may need education records “apostilled” or “authenticated” by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) after they have been notarised.
  • Prior to making an appointment with a Notary, determine whether originals or copies of the education records are required to be notarised.
  • Further you will need evidence from the relevant academic institution testamur authenticity. This can often be done online via University Web Portals (links below)
  • This verification will need to be taken to the Notary Public.
    If only a copy is required, the Notary’s Certificate will certify that the copy is a true and correct copy of the original academic record. Further, the Notarial Certificate will state that the original academic record has been verified from the issuing academic institution.
  • Less commonly, if the original academic record is to be notarised, and not simply a copy, the Notarial Certificate will state that the relevant academic institution has verified it’s authenticity.
  • The Notarial Certificate, with either a copy of the original academic record attached, or with the original academic record itself attached (depending on the overseas requirement) can then be presented to DFAT for Apostille or Authentication Stamping (Country dependent).
  • If you are currently overseas, we can manage this process on your behalf. See below.
Degree Notarised with Apostille

Should you have any further questions, please text 0419 383 397 or email appointments at

DFAT Apostille & Authentication Requirements for Academic Records

Unless the academic records refer to primary, secondary or TAFE studies, personal verification by the issuing tertiary institution will be required by the Notary Public and The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to proceed with the Apostille or Authentication.

Web Portals for University Testamur / Academic Record Verification

Australian National University
Deakin University
La Trobe University
Melbourne University
Monash University
Swinburne University
Victoria University

Please bring this verification to the Notary Public.

The Role of the Notary Public

The Notary Public will attest to your identity and the authenticity of the academic records and will provide a Notarial Certificate.

This Notarial Certificate will then be able to be presented to DFAT along with the Testamur and other academic records.

Apostille or Authentication?

Depending on the Country, DFAT will provide an Apostille or an Authentication. Once the Apostille has been issued, the document can then be presented to the overseas receiving entity.

If the country requires an Authentication, such as the UAE, the records will need to be sent or taken to the consulate for their individual verification process.

Appointments at DFAT

DFAT requires appointments to obtain Apostilles and Authentication Stamps. Unfortunately these appointments can take up to 3 weeks to obtain. There are faster methods outlined below.

  • Urgent Requests – Notaries in Victoria are able to provide urgent Apostille / Authentication Stamp turnaround times of 48 hours. The normal admin fee for this service is $220.
  • Alternatively, you are able to post the documents directly. This is the second quickest method. Please refer to the DFAT document attached here for further information. You will need to fill this document out in either scenario.
  • As of October 2019, DFAT charges $84 per Apostille or Authentication.
  • Please call DFAT on 1300 935 260 to make an appointment if you would like to attend their office after the notarisation.

DFAT Authentication & Consularisaiton

If you require an Authentication (not an Apostille), for countries such as China or The UAE, you will need to take / send the documents to their respective consulate after the notarisation and DFAT Authentication. They have their own individual verification process. China currently charges $30. They have higher fees for faster services.

Appointments Available

Notary appointments are available 7 days a week at 2 offices:

Level 13, 200 Queen Street Melbourne
10 Frank Street Box Hill South

Appointments can be booked instantly online via the online booking system.

Are You Overseas & Need Help?

Below is a common email which John receives from people living overseas and needing their Australian Certificate, Diploma, Transcript or Degree notarised with DFAT stamping.

“I am a graduate of Swinburne University of Technology and would like to get copies of my degree and academic transcript notarised and authenticated by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. I am currently living in the United Arab Emirates. Is there any way your firm can assist me? After notarisation and then authentication by DFAT, I would also like to get the documents legalised by the U.A.E Consulate. Please let me know the procedure and cost.”

John can notarise and arrange DFAT Apostille or Authentication stamping on your behalf.


STEP 1 – Email with instructions

john at

STEP 2 – Courier

You will need to have the documents delivered to:


STEP 3 – Notarisation

The document(s) is notarised on the day of receipt.

  1. The Notary sights an ORIGINAL University Testamur.
  2. A COPY is taken and notarised as being a true and correct COPY of the ORIGINAL.
  3. The notarisation cost is $110.
  4. John will bind the documents if this is acceptable to the receiving entity. Otherwise DFAT will charge $84 per page in the event the documents are not attached.


Within 24 hours of the notarisation, Office administration staff take the notarised document(s) to DFAT.

  • DFAT charges $84 for each Apostille or Authentication.
  • The administration fee for the two trips to DFAT is $220.

STEP 5 – Upon Receipt from DFAT

  • For Apostilled Records, we will courier the documents to you
  • The FedEx / DHL fee is usually about $110 (but this varies depending on the country to which the document(s) will be posted, as well as the number of notarised documents to be posted back).
  • The administration fee is $22

STEP 6 – Consularisations (Not Applicable to Apostilled Documents)

For countries where the Hague APOSTILLE Convention is NOT APPLICABLE, such as the UAE or China, on the day of collection from DFAT, Office administration staff will take the notarised copy to the relevant Consulate in Melbourne.

For example: In the case of the UAE, there is a Consulate General in Melbourne. Our administration staff personally take the notarised document to the UAE Consulate General for stamping. However, it is not always possible for stamping to be done on the spot, so sometimes there is a 48 hour turnaround.

  • The Office administration fee to arrange Consulate stamping is $220.
  • The relevant Embassy’s/Consulate’s website lists the fee for the particular document.

STEP – 7

Finally, on the day of receipt of the documents from the relevant Embassy / Consulate, Office administration staff will arrange for the notarised / authenticated / consularised document(s) to be forwarded to you via courier.

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